Book Review: Top Trucks! Big Trucks Doing Hard Work! by Cyndy Adamsen


This book has over 45+ Awesome photos of cool Trucks Working Hard! Each photo has a description so you can learn what is going on.

No only is is fun to read, but the great Truck Photos make it easy to do. You kid will want to learn to read this book.

Here is What is Inside “Top Trucks! Big Trucks Doing Hard Work!”…
Trucks Hauling
Military Trucks
Logging Trucks
Semi Trucks
Truck in Mountains
Mining Trucks
Dump Trucks
Foreign Trucks
Old Trucks
Plow Trucks
4X4 Trucks
Trucks Stuck In The Mud
Cattle Trucks
And Much More…

Buy the book “Top Trucks! Big Trucks Doing Hard Work!” Today! You will be happy you did.

My review:

My four-year-old loves this book, mainly because of the pictures of the trucks. He wants to read it over and over despite the fact that on my iPhone, we can only see the picture or the text, we can’t see both at the same time. So we see the photo, then we swipe and read about the truck. Then we swipe back so he can see the photo again. My biggest issue with the book is that it needs to be edited. I’m guessing that auto-correct had its merry way with the text because “caring” is used over and over in place of “carrying”.

I got it on an Amazon free day. If you have a truck-crazy kid, it might be worth the regular 99 cents rate.

About the book:
Title: Top Trucks! Big Trucks Doing Hard Work! (Over 45+ Photos of Awesome Trucks Working With Descriptions)
Author: Cyndy Adamsen
Pages: 52
Where I got the book: “Bought” it on an Amazon free day

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