Pre-Review-a-thon Post


I almost titled this “Pre-Review-a-thon Goal Post, but there is no football involved and I didn’t want to confuse anyone.  For a more detailed explanation and some background on the Review-a-thon, you can read the original post. Here’s the scoop on the upcoming weekend.

  • My reviews will be split between my two book blogs. I have three physical books and several ebooks for each blog. I will be using the total number of reviews written by me throughout the weekend for my final tally. My goal is 10-15 reviews.
  • I can not start writing/posting until Friday evening, but other bloggers participating are welcome to start Friday morning.
  • I will post updates Friday night and Saturday night, and a review wrap-up Sunday night. I will write a final post early next week with final donation amounts. If you are participating as a blogger, please send me your donation amounts on Sunday night or Monday.
  • I will use a Google form that only asks for donors’ first names, amount donated, and charity. This will keep your information private while still allowing me to have an idea of how much we raised.
  • I will update my Goodreads “read” shelf. I’ve probably read 100 books that I don’t have marked there. (Obviously, I’m not reviewing all those.) Last year, I read 365 books, so my goal this year is set at 366 (Leap Year). My reading time has been cut drastically, so I’m not sure I’ll make it, but I’ll give it a shot. My current total is 142.
  • All my blog posts post to Facebook and Twitter via an RSS feed (that few actually see on fb), but I’ll also post them with “Review #” after an hour or so. I’ll alternate between blogs so there will not be several posts in a row on one and nothing on the other.
  • You can pledge a donation amount per published review or just choose an amount to donate any time throughout the weekend. Pledge amounts will have to be left in comments because you can only fill out a Google form once, and if you fill it out for a pledge, you can’t fill it out for a final donation.
  • Donations can be made directly to the American Red Cross  ($10 is the minimum online donation) or the Salvation Army (doesn’t seem to have a minimum, but please consider that they have to pay credit card or Paypal fees for donations), both of which are providing relief in the NorthEast U.S.  You can also make an appointment to donate blood.
  • The folks at Occupy Wall Street have been busy providing relief to Staten Island and others affected by Sandy. In order to provide a way for people to to donate, they set up a wedding registry on Amazon with requested items. If you prefer to donate specific items rather than cash, check out this link. (This is NOT an affiliate link.)
  • The only charity that I’m sure is working right now in the Caribbean is UMCOR. If you know of another, please let me know and I will add a link.
  • Don’t forget that you can win a $20 Amazon gift card (provided by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dave) by tweeting, sharing, and blogging about the Review-a-thon. If you’re participating, please leave your link in the comments. I would add a linky, but with the Google form and the Rafflecopter form, I think it would be pushing my luck to add another script.
  • I made a Facebook event so you can follow the review count and ensure you don’t miss the daily updates, since Facebook in all it’s wisdom doesn’t think we actually want to see posts from the pages we subscribe to.

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