Mercy Sakes! Get a Clue!

It always amuses me when my seven-year-old is smarter than the people who write his curriculum…or least out-smarts them. Today, he was reading The Bears on Hemlock Mountain and one of the follow-up questions was:
The author gives us a clue that the story took place a long time ago when Aunt Emma says, “Mercy sakes, Jonathon! What are you doing here on this snowy day?” What was the clue?
They were looking for: there was no phone for his mom to call his aunt to tell her he was coming. Jeffrey’s answer: “Nobody says “Mercy sakes” in 2009!” I’d have to say he’s right.
Moving on. “Do you think there may have been bears on Hemlock Mountain? Why or why not?”
Jeffrey: Of course! The title of the book is The Bears on Hemlock Mountain! And it says right on the back, “There are bears on Hemlock Moutain!”
Okay. I think we’re done for today.