It’s Called *Underwear* for a Reason

For decades, we’ve made fun of men who display their underwear every time they bend over. So a few years ago, some fashion guru apparently decided that it was time to help those poor guys out. If everyone is displaying their unmentionables, then it’s not a big deal, right?

First it was the “gangsta” look of wearing pants around your knees and showing the world your cool boxers. Yes, I’m fully aware of the origin of the trend, but it really should have stayed locked up where it started.

Then we have lovely teenage girls wearing bras that are almost larger than the shirts that go over them. At least it seems that way when the whole world can see all the bra straps. (Hint: Stores do sell backless bras.) Along with the thong straps showing an inch or two above their low-rise jeans, it just makes for an overall trashy picture.

Teens are bad enough, but when we start talking about women old enough to know better, it gets sad. I’m so tired of seeing grown women, especially moms, displaying their various lingerie. The sad part is that most of the time it’s probably unintentional. But that’s what mirrors are for, ladies. Before you leave the house (or better yet, the store dressing room) in that blouse, bend over and see what kind of show you’re giving everyone. And if you’re wearing low- or mid-rise jeans, trot on over to the lingerie department of your favorite store. They actually sell underwear that will accommodate your outerwear. I really don’t want to see your panties when you sit down in front of me. And I certainly don’t want my seven-year-old son seeing your thong straps.
What you wear is your business…until I have to look at it. And consider the environment. If you’re in a family-friendly location, such as a library, school, church or park, keep the undies hidden. If you’re at a club and don’t want to go home alone, display all you want.