It’s A Boy!

Note to self: Procrastination is not a good thing.

Tuesday, July 8 was my due date. Tuesday came and went with no baby. Barely. I woke up around 2 AM Wednesday morning in pain. The pain was much higher than my earlier contractions had been and I really can’t remember things like that from Jack’s birth; that was 6 1/2 years ago. I flipped from side to side for about 30 minutes, thinking my muscles were just sore from staying on one side too long. Around 2:30, I realized that the pain wasn’t going away and even sore muscles didn’t usually hurt this badly. I really didn’t think contractions because of the location of the pain and the length. It wasn’t a minute or two of pain with a few minutes in between. It was 5 or 10 minutes of pain with a couple of minutes in between. It wasn’t “kill me now” pain yet, but it was there. I ate a couple of containers of yogurt, thinking maybe I was just hungry. Yes, my stomach hurts that bad when I’m hungry. Then I tried the bathroom, then a glass of water. Since the pain was getting worse, not better, I thought I should call the dr office and talk to the midwife on call. I called the number I had for the office and punched “0” to talk to a person with the answering service… except no one ever came on the line. When I realized it wasn’t connecting, I hung up and went downstairs to my computer to look on the office’s website to see if there was another after-hours number to call. There wasn’t, so I called again. After the guy at the answering service got my life history, he says, “If you don’t get a call back in 25 minutes, call me back.” I’m thinking, “If I don’t get a call back in 25 minutes, I’m going to shoot someone.” The midwife called right away, and told me to go to the hospital.

I turned off my computer and unplugged it. (I knew there were thunderstorms coming and the baby wasn’t coming in the next 10 minutes). Then I went upstairs to wake J up. I gathered a couple of things while J got Jack dressed. (Yes, he can dress himself, but 3-something in the morning is not his best time). We got to the hospital and had to go in through the ER entrance because at 3:30 in the morning, that’s the only door open. The nice lady there found a wheel-chair and took me to Labor & Delivery, which we never would have found on our own anyway because there are no signs. We got up to L&D; and while I’m sitting there in obvious pain, they hand me a clipboard with info to fill out. 1) I’m pre-registered, so they have all my info. 2) I was in at 34 weeks because I was concerned about cramps I was having, so anything that wasn’t on the pre-registration info, they got then. 3) My husband was standing there. They could have handed him the papers and took me right to a room. Then they asked for my driver’s license and my insurance card. 1) I had filled out my insurance info when I pre-registered. When I was there at 34 weeks, they told me they didn’t need my insurance card because it was on the info I had already given them 2) When I got the bill from the hospital, they indicated they didn’t have any insurance info, so I had to call and give it to them. So, when I go Wednesday, they tell me they don’t have my insurance information. Nice to know their billing department is on top of things.

Finally, they get me into a room. Once they got me all hooked up, the nurse checked and I was dilated 5 cm. J called G (my stepson) and told him he needed to come get Jack. Jack wanted to stay and be there when the baby was born. We thought that was a little traumatic for a 6-year-old. Turns out it was traumatic for a 32-year-old. I’m REALLY glad we had time to get Jack out before it got really painful, because I got really loud…although I think I managed to not cuss at anyone…I’m not sure how.

So, here’s where the procrastination comes in. I wanted to see how things went before I got an epidural. With Jack, they had given me drugs to help the pain, then something to slow down the contractions, then something to start them back, then they had to turn down the epidural because they had it turned up so high that I couldn’t feel *anything*. I couldn’t feel enough to push. So this time around, I was in “wait and see” mode. Well, things went so fast that by the time I was hurting enough to want the epidural, it was too late. So we did it the hard way. I think I did it backwards. I had the 6lb, 2oz baby with drugs, and the 8lb, 7oz baby naturally.

If it hadn’t been for J, I literally couldn’t have done it. By the end, I so exhausted and hurting so badly that I couldn’t lift myself up to push anymore. J was literally folding me in half to help me push.

At 6:40 AM, we finally had a baby. J called G and he had Jack back at the hospital and in the room before the nurse had finished cleaning the baby. M (G’s wife) was not far behind. Of course, it took us 24 hours to decide for sure on a name…