How To Find Free Ebooks You Actually Want to Read

One of the best things about having an e-reader is getting free books. It’s like going to the library without having to chase the kids down the aisles (my children have inherited my, um, affinity for books).  I don’t mind paying for a well-written ebook, but I’m no idiot. I’ll take free any day. Unfortunately, when you start picking up free books, sometimes you get exactly what you paid for. Fortunately,  there are many great authors who offer their books for free. Many of them are exclusively on Amazon, but some are on other venues as well. I have a Kindle, so this post is focused on Amazon freebies, because that is what I know.  (You don’t have to have a Kindle to read these books. There are free Kindle apps for almost every device out there, including your computer and phone.) There are some Nook sites out there, but I haven’t used any of those, and can’t tell you how well they work. (You can get books in any format from Project Gutenburg.) The Kindle sites are listed in the order in which I discovered them. Just because. Continue reading