He can spell his name!

Jack is downstairs playing on Playhouse Disney and he started a game where he needed to enter his name. He’s been able to get JEFF by himself for quite a while. He called me to help him with his name, and honestly, I didn’t want to get up and walk down, then back up the stairs for that, so I asked him what letters he already had. Of course, he had JEFF. Then he says, “Wait! I remember it! Come down here so I can show you!” Well, of course, then I HAD to go down there! Sure enough, he typed REY with no help from me! I was so proud, I got misty-eyed.

If I had sat him down with a piece of paper and made him write his name 20 times, he may have gotten it sooner, but there wouldn’t have been that since of pride for him and me that came from him just remembering the whole thing one day all by himself.

Parking spot stalkers

I need to work on being more regular with posting. I’m always thinking of things to write about–when I’m away from my computer. Like how Jack can spell most of his name. He was calling up the stairs the other day, “Can someone come help me?” I went down to see what he needed. He was playing on Nick, Jr and there was a game where he needed to his name. He had JEFF. I just had to help him with the RE. He got the Y by himself.

Or that he knows the names of several states by their location on a map and also by their shape. I didn’t “teach” him that. It was just something that he was interested in and kept asking me questions about. There are public high school grads who don’t know as much geography as he does.

He can also count backward from 13 to 1. Not a big deal unless you consider that he did it by himself. Hmm. Is there a theme here?

Anyway, my post today is not about my smart, funny, cute…..what? Oh, right. One of my pet peeves is parking space stalkers. You’re walking out to your car, usually with a full buggy (or cart, depending on where you’re from), with kid(s) in tow, and some car starts following you to your car. Then they just SIT there for 10 minutes while you unload the cart, get kid(s) in the car, get everything situated, take the cart to the little corral thing, and then they’re in the way when you try to back out. Grrr. If they’re going to sit there waiting to pounce, they could at least get out and help unload the groceries.