Virtual Assistant Services

I’ve worked with solopreneurs and companies who serve thousands. Contact me (form is at the bottom of the page) and we can discuss your circumstances and see if I can help you. As you can see from my bio, I have a wide range of experience, and I’m not afraid to do some research. If there is something you need that is not listed here, just ask. If I can’t do it, I will learn it if I can, and if not, I will let you know up front.
Social media management
Blog management
Forum moderation
Data entry
Proofreading and editing (if this is the only thing you need, i.e. one-time editing for your book, please see this page)


Rate for the services above: $35/hour
Rate for other services will depend on the specific services and the skill level required, and will be provided in writing prior to any work being done.

I offer a free 30-minute phone or video consultation to discuss your needs and determine how I can best help you.

About me:

I’ve been working and playing with computers since the mid-80s when my parents bought me a Tandy computer and the tape machine to go with it. In 1994, I bought my first “real” computer, and learned how to use it by reading the entire manual, along with the whole Windows manual. (Yes, I’m that person.) I went online, not caring that I didn’t know one other person with an email address. I quickly learned basic HTML, and customized my first free website.

I’ve been blogging on one of five blogs since 2004, and I am familiar with both Blogger and WordPress. I currently have three blogs on Blogger, and one using a self-hosted WP account, although my personal blogging has fallen to the wayside recently. I have been using Facebook for both personal and promotional use since 2008, and Twitter since 2010. I have been using Google+ since 2012 and am less familiar with that site.

I have been blogging regularly on this blog since April 2011, when I decided to post daily for one year. I only made it through the end of November, but I still post at least once a week, and usually more often. I have had two blog posts selected for curation by BlogHer.

In 2011, I became involved in the indie publishing industry–mostly by accident when I started reviewing self-published books. As I joined and participated in forums and Facebook groups with indie authors and other bloggers, I learned much about the industry. (I do have a few friends who are traditionally published, but my knowledge is in self-publishing.) In July, 2012, I started offering my services as an editor and proofreader, both on and privately, through this blog. I have had several repeat clients through both venues.

I enjoy researching new things, and have been known (more than once) to get every book the GA (yes, the whole state; I’m that person, remember?) library system has on a subject, and read until I run out of books, or until the information becomes repetitive.

I’ve completed an Entrepreneurial Success course series, a Web Design course series, and a Quickbooks course at a local college (although I’m not offering bookkeeping services; Quickbooks is not my friend). I have an unfortunate addiction to Udemy and Coursera, and have had to implement a moratorium on signing up for new courses until I complete the ones in which I’m already enrolled.

As for “real life” work experience, I’ve worked in fast food, manufacturing, IT (specifically network administration and technical support), data entry, and as a receptionist, an administrative assistant, and a merchandiser. For several  years, I volunteered with a local food bank in several capacities, including webmaster, Board Secretary, and on-site volunteer. I served for two years as volunteer coordinator for our local special needs support group, as well. I also have extensive customer service and direct sales experience. Almost all my jobs involved some sort of customer service, and I was an independent Pampered Chef consultant from July 2002 until February 2014. I’m not a big fan of phone calls, though, so I was not wildly successful. I have, however, accumulated a vast array of direct sales knowledge from newsletters, meetings, and conferences.

I am currently homeschooling my two sons, although it’s usually more a case of me helping them find ways to learn what they want to know, than me doing any “schooling”.  This usually involves still more research, as well as some organizational skills to keep us all sane.


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