Our Annual Trip to Callaway Gardens

Bennett is a short peregrine falcon.

Every year, Callaway Gardens offers free admission during the months of January and February. This is our fourth year to take advantage of the deal, and as Bennett grows, you can imagine how different each year’s visit is from the previous years. Continue reading

So It Begins…

Today, Jack and I went to a rock and gem show in Marietta. From the time I told him we were going, all I heard was, “I don’t WANT to go.” This is pretty much the standard response to anything. If we’re at home, he doesn’t want to go anywhere. If we’re somewhere else, he doesn’t want to go home. I’ve come the conclusion that he just doesn’t like change. Fair enough. Neither do I. But I was pretty sure he would enjoy seeing the fossils, especially the dinosaur fossils. And part of unschooling is putting opportunities out there and letting the kids decide what interests they want to pursue.

So we went and before we even got completely in the door, Jack went from “Can we go the park now?” to “Mommy! Mommy! Can we go see stuff now?” He had spotted a picture of a dinosaur and that’s all it took. He was vaguely interested in the stones (“Look, Mommy. Aren’t they so pretty?”), but he dragged me all over the place looking for dinosaurs. He wanted to know what each of the fossils was and I had to promise to get a bunch of books from the library about dinosaurs in order to keep from having to read the lengthy descriptions on each of the dinosaur fossils. Don’t worry. He didn’t miss out on anything. The information was just general information about a particular species of dinosaur, not specifically related to the fossil in the case.

He did get a piece of dinosaur bone that a very nice vendor gave him. He wasn’t interested, but I thanked her and took it anyway because I know that later he’ll want it. He’s notorious for saying he doesn’t want something and then later getting upset because he doesn’t have it. Sometimes, I just let it go and chalk it up to learning to make decisions, but I figured, how often do you get the chance to get a real dinosaur bone?

So I guess we’re going to the library Monday to get dinosaur books.