Author Interview: Sarah Luddington

Welcome Sarah Luddington, author of Lancelot and the Wolf!

Just a note for my regular readers: Sarah’s books are a little more… well, everything LOL… than I usually feature on my blog. If reading about gay/bisexual relationships bother you, you may want to skip this one. Personally, I think it sounds like an interesting twist on the classic story. Keep reading and decide for yourself. There is nothing graphic or explicit in this post.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Q. Do you work another job when you are not writing?
A. When I’m not writing I teach Martial Arts. I am also the Commissioning Editor for Mirador Publishing.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing?
A. Hitting things! Just to qualify, I teach Karate and study Ken Justsu (sword fighting). I also enjoy long distance running and walking. I ride horses when I can and listen to music or read.

Q. What is your favorite color? Why?
A. I wear black but that’s mostly because clothing and colours scare me. My favourite colours are all deep, rich shades of red, purple, blue and green. Why? I like the sensual essence of colour.

Q. What is your favorite season? Why?
A. My favourite season – tricky. I love the Spring, I adore Daffodils and Primroses. I love watching the trees expand their mantle as the days roll on toward Summer. I also love Autumn, the drama of death and retreat, the colours, the fresh wind in your face. I live in the country and grew up on farms so nature is very important to me.

Q. If you could live anyplace on earth, where would it be? Why?
A. I love where I live. On the Somerset Levels in England. It’s beautiful and no two days look the same. It also has an amazing history, so many battles have happened here and we have Glastonbury, which is full of the weird and wonderful with a magical topography.
If I couldn’t live here, then La Alpujarra in Spain. It’s WARM!

Q. If you could have any car, what would it be?
A. Easy – Jaguar XKR or the new one CX16. I love the Aston Marin DB9. I’m a total petrol head!

Tell us about your writing:

Q. How long have your been writing? Was it a dream, a goal or is it just a hobby?
A. I’ve been writing since I left school, but it began in earnest when I was 21 and too poor to buy even a second hand fantasy book, so I decided to write one. Never stopped from that moment. It isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion, an obsession, an addiction.
My goal is be successful – unfortunately that definition changes. Whenever I hit my target, I make a new one!

Q. How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set routine or do you write when the mood strikes?
A. I’m up before the crows and write while eating breakfast, then I being work. I write during lunchtime and into the evening when I’m not training (martial arts). At weekends I write constantly, unless I’m being a domestic goddess. 😉 If I go on holiday, I’ll write ten hours a day, unless ordered to do something else. The mood always strikes.

Q. Is there some place special you like to be when you write?
A. My kitchen table is currently my main habitat. I’m surrounded by artwork stuck on the walls with blutack.

Q. Do you listen to music or do you need a quiet place to write?
A. Either. It depends. I love music and it is an inspiration to me. Prog rock is another passion of mine.

Tell us about your book:

Q. What is the name of it and is it part of a series or a stand alone novel?
A. Lancelot and the Wolf, the first book in The Knights of Camelot series.

Q. Where did the idea come from?
A. Oh, tricky… My desire to be a Medieval knight, Merlin on the BBC, and my sister saying to me “Why don’t you write about what you know.” Also, how can you resist all those wonderful characters and stories from the French and English romances and histories?

Q. How long did it take to write?
A. Twelve weeks (slightly embarrassed). But the editing took a long time. It just sort of fell out of my head faster than I could type.

Q. What is it about?
A. My book is a new spin on an old motif. It uses traditional Arthurian legends and tweaks them. It’s classed as Historical Fantasy. I’ve done vast amounts of research and even have a degree in Medieval History, so despite everything being different at least I understand the source material.

It’s a first person narrative and Lancelot is the protagonist. He begins the story a broken man, banished and punished for betraying his King, but he must return because Arthur’s life is threatened by dark forces. When he does gain the King’s ear once more, it is clear things between the men are no longer the same. The brutality of their separation finally forces them to confront their love. Lancelot discovers that despite there being many, many women in his life, his future happiness lies in the arms of a man.

While Arthur and Lancelot face terrible enemies, who drive them and their friends to the brink of madness and death, they also have to wrestle with their growing passion.

The series is currently Lancelot’s story. Although I am working on something else connected to the same universe at the moment. It’s primarily about how he survives King Arthur and Camelot’s demands. He becomes a reluctant hero and indeed breaks under the pressure at the end of the second book, Lancelot and the Sword. His journey of sacrifice and love combine and give depth to the adventures he faces. There are jousts, melees, sieges, torture and sword fights enough for anyone.

Your other work:

Q. Do you have any upcoming projects in the works or other books that have been published?
A. I am editing book three at the moment, Lancelot and the Grail, while trying to finish book four and I’m half way through book five, so it’s going well.

Book two, Lancelot and the Sword came out last autumn and the next one is due in the spring.

I’ve also published two vampire novels, The Prophecy and Vampire. They are independent of each other and very different books.

Q. Where can readers connect with you?
A. Facebook under Sarah Luddington Author, twitter – Blakwulf, and my email address is

Q. Where can we buy your books?
A. Everywhere. Amazon is doubtless easiest but it’s out in all ebook formats and in paperback.

More about Lancelot and the Wolf:

“King Arthur has dominated my life for decades and now I am banished from his side. I am not certain either of us can survive this torment…” Lancelot, the greatest Knight of Camelot is almost flogged to death, exiled, and stripped of the King’s grace. He travels from England to Europe to begin a lonely, desperate life when he meets someone who will alter his perspective forever. Suddenly, he is trapped into a fate which forces his return to England. He must fight to regain his honour and his King’s life. From a world beyond ours but bound to us throughout time, the Fey hunt Arthur. They want him dead and only Lancelot can save him. Together they travel from Camelot, to Avalon and into Albion on a quest to save Arthur’s soul. They must also retrieve Merlin and redeem a love which both men find hard to bear. Lancelot and the Wolf is an adventure story of the old school, all sword and sorcery. It is also the tale of two men who have loved each other beyond all reason. This book will open your eyes to the real meaning of knightly chivalry, sacrifice and love.