Rape/Domestic Abuse Survivors

Rape and Domestic Violence Statistics

After hiding for years, I finally decided I needed to write down my story for several reasons: if I get it all out, maybe I can get it out of my head; other survivors need to know they are not alone; and maybe, just maybe my story will keep one woman from making my mistakes or will touch one person who will help change the statistics. (Just to be clear, those mistakes are only my own actions. Nothing I did or said ever gave him the right to do or say the things he did. My “mistakes” do not remove his blame.)

However, I know that not everyone has the venue, ability, or even the desire to share publicly, whether it’s in a book or otherwise. I also know that some of you do want to share, but for a variety of reasons, you need to share anonymously.

If you have a rape or domestic abuse story that you want/need to share, but either don’t have your own blog or venue to share or want/need to stay anonymous, I’m opening up my blog to guest posts. No last names will ever be used, and you are free to change the first names – or not use names in your story. Your name will be used as the author, but it can be just your first name, and even a fake first name if safety is a factor.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I like to keep it family-friendly. But I know all too well that this isn’t a family-friendly topic, and there is no way to make so. So you write what you need/want to write. It’s your story to tell. I won’t censor your post, but there will be a little note at the top of each guest post explaining this departure from my regular posts. This is important enough to me that I am more concerned about getting these stories out there for the reasons I mentioned above, than I am about offending someone’s sensibilities.

Male or female, survivors need to know they are not alone and they are not to blame.

Posts of 1,000 words or less are ideal, but if yours ends up being longer, we’ll make it work.


I prefer the guest post to be in a Word (or compatible) document, which means you’ll need to contact me first. You can also send any questions you have.