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Want to nominate a woman for my monthly Inspiration Corner feature? She can be someone you know (or knew) personally, or someone you know online. (There are so many fabulous female bloggers!) I just have a few rules.

1. For privacy reasons (Google search, you know), I will only post first names or names such as “Grandma”.

2. To use the subject’s picture, I will need their permission. If you want it to be a surprise, or don’t want her to know at all, we just won’t use a picture of her.

3. When writing your tribute, keep in mind that this is a family-friendly blog. If necessary, include a trigger warning at the beginning, and you’ll need to limit the cursing.

4. Since the purpose of this is to encourage “everyday” women, I’m more likely to select submissions in which the subject is not famous. That doesn’t mean I won’t choose famous women; it just has to be an extraordinary story.

4b. Do not make something up about a celebrity to get me to choose your submission.

5. If you are chosen, I will contact you.

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