Try a New Recipe Tuesday: Nanaimo Bars

We’re part of Geography Club in our homeschool group, which is just a fancy way of saying that we pick a country each month and learn all about it. The kids each pick a topic, research it, and tell their friends all about it when he have our monthly meeting. In the meantime, the moms are busy digging up recipes for our themed potluck. I have been letting Jeffrey pick the recipes from websites, but this month was Canada, and since I have several online friends from and in Canada, I just asked them for some ideas. I’ve been hearing about Nanaimo (try to hang out with writers and not write NaNoWriMo every time you type that) bars for years, so I thought we’d give those a shot. I found a recipe (several actually) online, but I ended up using a recipe stolen borrowed from my friend Kelly. It seems like a lot of steps, but it actually comes together pretty quickly. It will be even quicker if you by graham cracker crumbs. I had to make my own. Continue reading

Recipe: Egg & Hashbrown Casserole

I haven’t posted a recipe in a long time, and after spending all day fighting with computers in one way or another, my brain is not up to writing a review, so you get a recipe! I know. It’s so exciting! Hey, try to keep it down over there.

As far as I know, this is my own creation. I cobbled it together from a Pampered Chef recipe and several recipes I found online (because I didn’t have the correct ingredients for any of the recipes).

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The 15-Minute Microwave Cake

On Tuesday, I mentioned that Bennett’s birthday celebration lasted six days, but if you were paying attention, Wednesday through Sunday is only five days. Um, oops? I didn’t miscount; I just forgot to mention that we celebrated on Monday with our homeschool group. I made a yummy cake to take to the pool with us and it only took a few minutes from start to finish.

This is a microwave cake, so you obviously need a *non-metal* pan. I use a Pampered Chef Stoneware Fluted Pan. This is the only pan I’ve ever used for this and the only one I’ve heard of being used, so if you want to try a different *non-metal* pan, you’re on your own. Let me know how it turns out. Make sure it’s a pan that will allow room for the cake to expand. It actually goes all the way to the top of the pan when cooking, although it shrinks a little after cooling. ( I keep emphasizing *non-metal* because I like my readers and I don’t want to lose any of you to an unfortunate fire. Or explosion. And I know how easy it is to have your mind on something else and not be thinking about what you’re doing. Ask me sometime about the stoneware bar pan I broke because I really wanted pie and ice cream.)

All you need is any box of cake mix (or the equivalent amount of homemade mix) and a container of frosting (or homemade equivalent). The cake mix can be gluten-free or any flavor or variety, except the super-moist or whatever it’s called. If you use that, the cake will be too moist and it will fall apart.

Follow the instructions for the cake mix and pour it into the Fluted Pan. Then take the frosting and put half of it into the pan, by scooping spoonfuls evenly spaced around the pan. I use a Pampered Chef scoop (like an ice cream scoop). It doesn’t have to be exactly half, so you don’t have to measure it, and the frosting doesn’t have to be distributed exactly. Just eyeball it.

However, do not use all the frosting at this point. It will make the cake too moist and when you flip it out of the pan, it will fall apart. Trust me. The cake I took to the pool on Monday was already in bite-size pieces. (Which is why there is no picture for this post.) That’s what I get for being in a hurry. As if this cake takes long anyway.

Put the pan in the microwave for 15 minutes. If you have a turntable, just set the timer and forget it. If not, you’ll need to turn the pan a 1/4 turn every 3-5 minutes. When it’s done, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then flip it out onto a plate or cake carrier. When you flip the cake, you’ll have an already-frosted cake. Melt the remaining frosting and pour it over the cake. Voila. Super-easy, super-fast, and super-yummy.