Motivated Moms Planner 50% Off!

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Motivated Moms planner ebook. I highly recommend this system, and if you prefer an app, they have one of those, too! You can read my full review here. (That post does not contain any affiliate links, but this one does.)

I just got an email from Susan at Motivated Moms letting me know that the 2014-15 ebooks are now up on the website and the 2014 ebooks are half price, $4.

I have a coupon code good for $1 off any ebook: SAVE1. It brings the 2014-15 ebooks down to $7 and the 2014 ebooks to $3.

The 2014-15 ebooks run July 2014 through June 2015 and are popular with homeschoolers or anyone who likes to run on the school year calendar.

Click here to visit Motivated Moms.

Quick Calendar Tip

I’m currently in the midst of implementing  a great home organization program that I’ll be telling you about in a couple weeks. It is extremely helpful, and well thought-out, but only works as well as the person using it – which means you have to actually look at your calendar daily. *Ahem*

I kind of stole this idea from the A-Z Challenge. They provided an image of an April calendar with each day’s letter on the corresponding date, and suggested we may want to use it as our desktop image for the month. That may have actually been the difference between me remembering to post at the beginning of the month, and forgetting and falling behind. It was right there in my face every time I turned the computer on. Continue reading