I Have the Best Blogging Friends!

I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting a button for my sidebar that proclaims my love for indie authors. I finally thought to ask on my fabulous blogging/author group if someone had an “I love indie authors” button I could steal. (With the proper credit, of course). My lovely friend Kriss, aka Cabin Goddess, volunteered to make one for me! What do you think? Thanks, Kriss!

What Kind of Reader Are You?

I’m A Hate Reader,
A Chronological Reader,
A Bookophile,
A Cross-Under,
A Multi-Tasker,
A Sleepy Bedtime Reader,
Sort of A Hopelessly Devoted (there are certain authors I’ll read no matter what, but the list is too long to be considered “exclusive”),
An All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader,
An “It’s Complicated” Reader… at least according to What Kind of Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide from The Atlantic Wire. The first list was so popular that they published a second list: Many More Types of Book Readers: A Diagnostics Addendum.

Even if you don’t want to discover what kind of reader you are (and why wouldn’t you?), you have to go check out the last type on the second post.

Come back and tell me what kind of reader you are – and whether you can relate to the last type of reader.

Kid Quotes (7/19)

This is post #501! Does that mean I talk to much? Don’t answer that. On to the kid stuff.

Bennett’s been watching “Gaspard and Lisa”, a cute, if odd, cartoon on Disney, Jr. Gaspard and Lisa are both dogs, complete with walking, talking dog families. Which is normal for a cartoon, except that everyone else in the cartoon is human, and no one seems to think that walking, talking dogs is a big deal. Despite the fact that it’s only these two families. But wait! It gets better! They live in Paris, where everyone speaks perfect English (no accents), and you only hear the occasional, “Bonjour.” Strange little show. Anyway, part of the intro song is, “Hello! Bonjour!” Yesterday, Bennett ran into the kitchen, yelled, “Hello! Bozo!” and ran back down the hall. Continue reading

Quick Tip for Rafflecopter Drawings

I’m sure some of you already do this, but it may be a new idea for someone out there. When you see a Rafflecopter form with a long list of blogs on it, don’t skip it just because you don’t want to like or follow a bunch of new blogs. You can get entries for any of those blogs you may already be following. Continue reading

Fun With Spam

If you don’t have a blog, you don’t know what you’re missing. You could entertain yourself for hours with all the spam comments you’d get. I don’t really understand the point, because most of the spammers don’t have websites, so I guess they’re just doing it to clog up the web. I have no clue.  I thought I’d share a few with you. I’ve thought about it before, but my clicking finger is faster than my brain and I keep deleting the comments before I remember that I want to keep them. Continue reading