Free Ebooks for Your Holiday Weekend

The following ebooks will be free on Amazon this weekend. Grab them so you’ll have something to read while you’re waiting in line. Or while you’re sitting at home enjoying all the time you saved by shopping online. ­čśë

INZARED, Queen of the Elephant Riders┬á4 1/2 stars with 36 reviews – FREE Nov 22-24

Bertha Maude Anderson has no inkling of how famous she will become. She lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the year 1843. Her world changes forever when she is enticed to join The Romanoff Brothers Circus and her name is changed to Inzared, Queen of the Elephant Riders. Inzared discovers her true calling while learning to live with the nomadic Gypsies. From the hatred shown by some of the performers to the love she finds along the way, Inzared finds herself immersed in the rich folklore and customs of the misunderstood people who call the circus their home. Her one constant is Cecil, the elephant, and together they form a bond that no one can break as Inzared finds herself lured into the world of the Gypsies while clinging to her own roots and trying to break free of the chains that keep her from her destiny. Continue reading

Free July 4-8: The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing by Coral Russell

Lately, I’ve been investigating resources for a post to help authors who are in the process of deciding if they want to self-publish or go the traditional route. When I asked in my fabulous author/blogger group, Coral offered to send me a copy of her book. Wow. Wow. Wow. It was full of great information, advice, and links to many great sites you’ll need when you self-publish. I immediately recommended the book to two friends who are currently trying to make their publishing decisions, so they could not only see what’s involved in self-publishing, but also see that there is so much great help out there if they choose to do so. Continue reading

FREE One Day Only: An Engaging and Haunting Southern Tale

Fathers, sons and brothers reconnect over tragedy in this blue-collar Southern tale of love, loss and the healing power of community and family.

Read the first chapter here

Doxology does for small town Louisiana men what Steel Magnolias did for small-town Louisiana women, exposing flaws while showcasing their inner strengths. It is a tale of grandfathers, fathers, sons and brothers, and recreates family dynamics and memories in a way that forms a doxology, a song of praise for the male family bond, the emotional ties men conceal from the world and each other. Continue reading