Top Podcasts of the Week – 10/26/2018

So it’s been two-ish years since I last wrote a post for this blog. (I do write occasional homeschool-related posts for I have so many ideas for posts, and so little time. I have a few ideas for quick and easy posts to get me back in the habit of writing. Real posts may still be few and far between, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been listening to podcasts since January or February of this year, and I’ve found so many I’d love to share with others. I thought this would be a fun way to do it.

Just a warning: I have a ridiculous sense of curiosity and am rarely offended, so topics and family-friendliness will vary widely.

This Week in History With Kevin And Benedict
Kevin and Benedict provide a 20-minute history lesson of a specific event that happened…well, “this week in history.” It’s not complicated. They claim it’s more serious than their news podcast (I haven’t gotten to that one yet), but it’s still pretty entertaining, although they do treat serious subjects with the appropriate gravity. (For the most part.) You might be able to use this podcast as a jumping off point for a little history research, but I’d suggest listening to it first to see if it’s appropriate for your family.

American Scandal
The stories behind our country’s biggest scandals. This is a new-ish podcast, so there haven’t been a lot of episodes, but they kicked off with a series about the BALCO/Barry Bonds steroid scandal of the 90s & 2000s. None of which I had heard anything at all about because I don’t watch the news, I don’t care about professional sports, and Facebook wasn’t a thing yet. They ended the series with an interview with the two reporters who covered the story and went to prison for refusing to disclose their sources. (They’re out of prison now.)

Lakefront Pagan Voice
I think I mostly just love Scarlet’s voice. She has the best radio voice ever. But she’s also just funny and clever and I enjoy the way she discusses various topics. As with the other two shows, the title is pretty explanatory. From her podcast page: “I’m Scarlet, an eclectic pagan living in Milwaukee, WI, next to beautiful Lake Michigan. Join me for discussions on pagan topics and more.” If discussions of wicca, tarot, and the occasional ghost bother you, I’d suggest skipping this one. She does talk about other subjects, but it is a pagan podcast.

Podcast Addict
Not a podcast, but the most fabulous podcast app. It’s free, with full functionality (and there are SO MANY functions!), but I actually paid for it because it’s amazing and I want the developer to keep working on it. It’s only available on Android, so iPhone users are stuck with your crappy iTunes Podcast or whatever they’re calling it now that they screwed it up. I don’t have a good recommendation because my favorite iPhone-using podcast fan hasn’t found one he likes yet. But if you have an Android and you haven’t discovered Podcast Addict yet, I encourage you to check it out.

I’m fascinated by numerous topics and I love to learn, and there are still ~220 podcasts in my queue on Podcast Addict that I haven’t gotten to yet. That’s 41,668 episodes as of right now. I’m trying desperately to restrain myself from adding new podcasts until I get to a manageable number (I also don’t know if Podcast Addict has a limit), but I’d love to hear your podcast recommendations. Leave them in the comments here (not on Facebook where they’ll get lost) so I can come back and find them when I need new shows.

Screenshot of Podcast Addict icon with unplayed episode counter

I just happened to catch it when I had exactly 40,000 unplayed episodes