Kid Quotes (12/29)

Narrator: Join us as we go on a search for light.
B: You can come to our house. There’s a light right there.

B was pretending to pant like a dog.
J: Blake, stop, you’ll give yourself a heart attack.
B laughs.
J: Seriously. You’ll hyperventilate and raise your bloodlesterol.

B: You know, there are some people who don’t believe in God, Jesus, or Santa Claus.
Me: Well, belief is a very personal thing. Everyone is allowed to believe what they want based on their experience and knowledge. As you get older, you’ll learn more things–
B: And find out they’re real.

We were talking about Krampus today, and I’m not quite sure how this works, but apparently Santa is real and Krampus is not.

The kids are talking about the Harry Potter movies.
B: Didn’t they all get kids at the end?
Like they all just stopped by the store for kids or something….

B: Mama, can I show you something?
Me: Do I have to get up?
B: Sadly, you do. Continue reading