Kid Quotes (9/27)

B: Beg my pardon. Can you come help me?

I’ve been giving Blake 1mg of melatonin for a while. It doesn’t help Jack. I finally remembered to get a bottle of 3mg, and Jack had one last night.
Me: Did the 3mg melatonin work better? There’s also a 5mg.
J: Not really. I think we need to try the 5mg. If that doesn’t work, I need an elephant tranquilizer.

B was trying to be sad, but he walked down the stairs half-smiling. Seeing him smile made me smile.
B: stop smiling! It’s cautious.
Me: Contagious.
B: it’s infective.
A minute later: B: I can’t stop laughing. Someone control me. No one can control me. I’m a wild beast. Continue reading