Kid Quotes (9/27)

B: Beg my pardon. Can you come help me?

I’ve been giving Blake 1mg of melatonin for a while. It doesn’t help Jack. I finally remembered to get a bottle of 3mg, and Jack had one last night.
Me: Did the 3mg melatonin work better? There’s also a 5mg.
J: Not really. I think we need to try the 5mg. If that doesn’t work, I need an elephant tranquilizer.

B was trying to be sad, but he walked down the stairs half-smiling. Seeing him smile made me smile.
B: stop smiling! It’s cautious.
Me: Contagious.
B: it’s infective.
A minute later: B: I can’t stop laughing. Someone control me. No one can control me. I’m a wild beast. Continue reading

Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Muslim Deaths

I’ve been writing a post on a related topic for a few weeks now. It keeps growing and changing, so in the meantime, I’ll share this one, which I’m pretty sure will be short and to the point. Maybe.

Yesterday, more than 700 Muslims were killed in a stampede during their pilgrimage to Mecca. It seems that many people thought these deaths should be celebrated. This baffles me because most of the people who feel this way probably claim to be Christians.

Now, I don’t have a degree in Jesusology, but I can read, and I’m considered fairly intelligent, even by those who don’t agree with everything I say (or write), so I’m going to throw a couple of things out here. Continue reading