Kid Quotes (7/10)

While playing Mouse Trap: B: You know the problem with his game, Mama, is that the mice are theoretically building a trap for themselves.

B: Mama, can you name a good animal?
Me: What do you mean by good? Good for what? Good how?
B: A good animal.
Me: I’m not sure what you’re asking.
B: Not good like hostile.
(Did you follow that?)
Me: Okay, so not not hostile. Then I’m not sure what you mean by good. That’s why I asked what you meant.
B: Good like food.
Me: Oh! An animal that tastes good?
B: No.
Me: Then not good like food.
B: Never mind. I’ll just think about it myself.

B: Do you get to choose your favorite color in life?
As he had just asked me if we could play a board game, I wasn’t sure if he meant life or Life.
Me: You mean, like in real life?
B: Yeah. Can you choose your favorite color?
Me: Yeah. You can choose whatever color you want.
B: I just wasn’t sure if you came out liking one color more than others.

Me: I can’t believe my baby is about to turn seven.
B: everyone has to do it sometime.
Me: Yeah, I know.
B: except people who haven’t turned six yet.

First thing in the morning on his seventh birthday:
B: I just had to walk around the house to see if it felt any different.
Me: Oh, yeah? Now that you’re seven?
B: Yeah. It feels a little different. I feel taller.

B, after he made his ham sandwich: And that is how you make a “gourmane” sandwich. You can make two for yourself if you want.

Jack went to Callaway Gardens on a field trip with 4-H and he was happy to swim in the lake after he “verified” there were no fish in the people area.
J: The only thing close to a fish was a walnut.
Me: That’s…not close to a fish.
J: It used to be alive.