Kid Quotes (5/14)

I was trying to check the weather and find out about plans for tomorrow. Blake asked me to help him with something.
Me: Jack, please go help him. I’m trying to take care of tomorrow.
B: Tomorrow can take care of itself. It’s very responsible.

B: Isn’t a poodle a kind of dog?
Me: Yes.
B: Is it a breed?
Me: Yes.
B: What’s it a breed of?
Me: *sigh* Dog.

B: I love Jack. He’s the best thing since toilet paper.

B: Mama, remember when I had that sunburn and it made weird marks on my face?
Me: Not really.
B: The marks that made me look like one of those guys.
Me: *blank look* What guys?
B: Like those guys in the west.
Me: *another blank look*
B: You know, those guys in the cowboy movies.
Me: Indians?
B: Yeah, Indians. I bet somebody saw me and thought an Indian put those marks in me while I was asleep. Continue reading