Kid Quotes (10/13)

B: We have to just get Jack a new computer so he can have Minecraft.
Me: Well, it’s not that easy. Computers cost money.
Blake, after a little more discussion about computers: Well, it’s a good thing we have unlimited money from Daddy’s job.
Ah, to be six again….
(Note to potential thieves: Daddy’s job doesn’t produce anything close to unlimited money.)

B: Hey, Mama. I’m sure Bigfoot likes rainbows. And if he sees a unicorn, he’d just kill it like a big jerk.

Blake, taking a shower: Gotta get my armpit…now my kneepit…

Blake, talking about the story he wrote: So he upgraded Bambi, apparently.
J: Wouldn’t you know? You wrote the story.

After some discussion of Blake’s story, I realized that he had never seen the movie. Jack said he didn’t remember seeing the whole thing. So we popped some popcorn and watched Bambi.
Jacky, after Owl’s “twitterpated” speech: What was he talking about? Sounds like he’s talking being torn apart by a pack of wolves. Continue reading