Kid Quotes (9/16)

B: Why’s it called Star Trek?
J: Because they’re trekking through the stars.
B: What’s trekking mean?
J: I…don’t know.

Blake and I were walking out of the library.
B: There was eyeball sticking out of the ground back there.
Me: I kind of doubt that. Would you like to go back and show me so we can see what it is?
We walk back to see a paper eye stuck to the concrete. The type that’s a black circle inside a white circle, that’s used for crafts.
B: See? An eyeball.
Me: Well…that’s an eyeball stuck to the ground. Not exactly the same thing as an eyeball sticking out of the ground….
‪#‎notasgross‬ ‪#‎wordsmatter‬

B: Mama, next time you make pancakes, make it with a little less pan and a little more cake.
I know he got that off something, but he was so serious when he said it.

Jack, following mention of a hyperencephalogram on Star Trek: What’s a hyperosexologram?
Me: Not what you said.
(It’s this.)

B: Jeffrey made a frown at me.

B: I’m practicing my manners for when Grandma and Papa get here. I have to say “crap” instead of “dang it”.

Me: Grandma and Papa will be here tomorrow.
B: Yay! I want to see it…but I can’t make it be that….
I suppose he’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see…tomorrow.

Blake was watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD and yelled, “Mama, this one has grown-ups!”
“What? It has grown-ups?”
Jack jumps in, “Well, that was a long time ago. That was before they passed the law prohibiting adults in Charlie Brown cartoons.”

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Why, when using a chair in a fight, one must swing it from the side or over one’s shoulder rather than poking it at the other person as if he were a lion to be tamed.

B: Mama, do you only use the doorbell if you’re an intruder?
Me: Visitor, son, not intruder.

J, watching the beginning of a YouTube video: Awesome! It’s a Longhorn ad! You can’t skip a Longhorn ad!

Somehow, Jack’s request that Blake fix him a sandwich turned into Jack getting the leftover pizza out for Blake and Jack fixing himself lunch. Not sure what happened here….