Kid Quotes (9/8)

The boys were arguing about whether Blake had told Jack something. Since I heard Blake tell him, Jack lost this round.
B: Jack, you have horrible memories!
I…don’t think that’s what he meant to say….

Blake’s playing a game and yells, “I have the power!” ├á la He-Man.
Suddenly, I don’t know what year it is.

B: There’s always one embarrassing moment in your life.

B: Did you know the less you complain in quicksand, the slower it will go?

Blake wanted to snuggle as he falls asleep and I told him I wasn’t ready to snuggle yet. (He doesn’t always sleep with me, and I had already started my study time when he climbed into my bed.)
B: Why do you have to have Bible time, anyway?
Me: Because it’s important that we learn and keep reminding ourselves what the Bible says.
B: Well, snuggling is important to me.
(He got his snuggle time, of course.)