Take the #selflovechallenge With The Celebrating Womanhood Event on September 16

Celebrating Womanhood #selflovechallenge

Hosted by Living, Learning, and Loving LifeCabin Goddess, Tea with Dee, Living This Moment, and Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool.

For one day, we want to drown out negativity and celebrate the beauty and pride of women.

These days it seems that some people want us to be ashamed of being women. They want us to believe that we’re less: less intelligent, less important, less human. There is so much negativity out there. For one day, we want to flood the internet with positive messages about women.

For the past two years, we’ve let you get away with shining the spotlight on another woman. This year, it’s all about YOU. As women, we often have trouble putting ourselves front and center. We’re not important, not pretty, not smart, not talented. Just not enough.

But that is SO not true, and we challenge you to break through that barrier. Join the #selflovechallenge on September 16, and share three positive things about yourself. If you don’t have a blog, share on Facebook, Twitter, a favorite email loop (as long as they don’t mind off-topic messages), or just write it on a Post-it note and put it on your bathroom mirror.

Men can participate, too, but we really want women to embrace this. You are amazing, and it’s time you owned it!

Your three things can be just one comment each, or you can give background or elaborate in some way. The positive things can be anything: a physical trait, a talent, a facet of your personality, or anything else you can think of.

The only rule is that you can’t add any qualifiers.

YES = I have beautiful eyes.
YES = I get a lot of compliments on my eyes.
NO = I have pretty eyes. At least that’s what people tell me.
NO = I guess I have pretty eyes, but no one can tell because of these stupid glasses.

Just acknowledge and accept that you have gorgeous eyes and move on. 😉

We’re not looking for afirmations here. Find three things you can love about yourself just as you are. Sure we can all improve something, but you are amazing RIGHT NOW! If you honestly can’t think of anything, ask your friends and family. You should love yourself unconditionally, but sometimes we need a little help realizing that there is something about us to love.

Join our Facebook page, and help us spread the word. We’ll have a linky up on the 16th for you to share your posts.

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Celebrating Womanhood #selflovechallenge

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Celebrating Womanhood #selflovechallenge

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TOS Review: Happy Kids Songs (Ages 4-8)

Happy Kids Songs Review
Most younger kids love music, and my six-year-old certainly does, so reviewing Happy Kids Songs was a lot of fun for us. We received three sets of songs: Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, and Manners & Character. There are a total of seven sets, with other titles such as Social Skills & Bullying, Feelings & Fears, Practice & Success, Talking & Listening, and Respect & Responsibility.

We also received the Happy Kids Songs Workbook, which includes lyrics and activities for every song in the entire collection. When you purchase a download, you will also get access to free pages you can download for those songs. This is the same content that is in the Workbook. The Workbook is just all of those free pages (122) pre-printed and bound for you. Continue reading