Kid Quotes (8/7)

I dropped Jack off for 4-H Forestry judging practice, then Blake and I came home and sat down with a bag of potato chips and a Garfield DVD.
B: Did you check to see if these were poisonous?
Me: No. No, I didn’t. Sorry.

Dentist: When did you turn six?
B: July ninth.
Dentist: That’s my mom’s birthday! But she’s a lot older than you.
B: Everybody is a lot older than me. Except the people who aren’t older.

B: One time I had a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream. I dreamed I was sleeping.

B: My favorite party game is Pick the Tail Off the Donkey.

J: Stop staring at me, Blake! It’s creepy.
Me: It’s also rude.
J: Why’s it rude to stare?
Me: …Probably because it’s creepy.

J: That’s so loud it’s hurting my eyes.

B: Hotels have more rooms than you can count.
Me: Well, not really. You can count them.
B: But it wouldn’t be easy. I wouldn’t recommend it.