Kid Quotes (7/13)

B: I love you more than any girl in the whole world.
I’ll remind him of that in 10 years.

I just walked into the playroom in time to hear Blake say, “Blake, you’re a genius!”

B to me, after I got sick: I don’t think I want to touch you, because, well, you’re infected.

The next day, this happened. At least the kid understands where germs come from.
I’m always reminding the boys to wash their hands, but I’ve been really pushing it this week. Jack just woke up and tried to give Blake a hug.
“Don’t touch me! You haven’t washed your hands yet!”
Nothing like a little peer pressure. Or paranoia. Either way.

Still easing the boys back into normal food. Jay brought home a bunch of fruit and veggies. Jack was trying to figure out what he could eat.
J: Is bread okay?
Me: Yes.
J: So a sandwich is okay?
me: Depends on what’s on it.
J: Well, Daddy got some fruits and vegetables and stuff.
Me: Vegetables are fine. Let’s wait another day on the fruit.
J: Where do tomatoes fall in that?
Me: They’re fine.
J: And we can use salt and pepper?
Me: Yes. Just no tabasco sauce.
J: You don’t put tabasco on tomato sandwiches.
Me: I never know with you and your daddy.
J: So tomato and salt and pepper. What else can we put on it?
Me: What else do you want to put on it?
J: Nothing.
Me: You can put that on it.

B: Pancakes use eggs?
Me: Yep. Most baked things do.
B: Do baked potatoes?
Me: No.
B: That’s what I thought.

Blake recently turned six.
B: I don’t think I got any taller [overnight], but I think my voice changed.

B: I love this family. This is the best family ever.
Me: I’m glad you think so, because you’re stuck with us.
B: Yeah, until we go to Arkansas.
Me: Uh, no. Forever.

B: Mama, I just noticed that when people sit down, they get shorter.
Me: But did you know that dogs get taller when they sit down?
B: Yeah. I’ve known that since I was four.

Jack just got back from five days at camp. The souvenir/birthday gift he chose to bring his brother?

2014-07-11 11.50.22
And if you look closely, you’ll see that he bought one for himself, too. Yay.

So after doing this
2014-07-11 11.53.22
all the way home (which fortunately was only about ten minutes), when we pull in the driveway, Blake exclaims, “Hey, Mama! I think we’re close to having a duck farm!