Life Is a Highway. You Are Not a Tow Truck.

So, I started thinking about this as a Christian, but I realized that it applies to all aspects of life: health, food, exercise, recycling, environment, parenting, and those are just the subjects that are close to my heart and/or I’m working on. Pick the subjects you’re passionate about that you feel as if no one else cares about. (Tip: They do.)

I know I’m just as bad as everyone else. It’s a human condition. We are super-convinced that everything we know is right, so if someone is doing something differently, they must be doing it wrong.

Self-help is an $11 billion industry. We love to read and hear advice — when we want to. Actually following that advice is another story all together. From my own experience as an advisee and my observations as an advisor, very few of us follow the advice we’re given, even when it’s solicited. It’s pretty obvious that unsolicited advice is going in one ear and out the other.

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