Kid Quotes: Trip Edition (4/16)

My kids are always coming up with crazy stuff, but being stuck in a car together for 10-12 hours provides endless opportunities for entertainment. Mine, not theirs.

Early in the trip, we had a discussion about radio signals and why we have to switch stations frequently while driving.
Several hours later, Blake asked how we were getting “our station” so clearly.
It took me a minute to understand what he was asking.
B: How is the station so good?
Me: We’re in Memphis. There are probably twenty stations here.
B: No. How is our station so clear here?
Me: This isn’t our station.
B: But one day we were going to the grocery store, and I heard this song.
I adore this kid.
Jack said something snarky to him, and I said, “Quit. He doesn’t understand.”
“How could he not understand?”
“He’s five.”
Instantly, his voice went from “He’s an idiot” to “He’s so cute”. “Yeah, he’s five.”
I’m pretty fond of that kid, too.

After driving for 12 hours, we got to my parents’ house around 12:30. Blake woke up at 4am throwing up. He and I were sharing the lower bunk, so while I was cleaning him, me, the bed, the floor, and half the bathroom, he asked, “Do you think it got on Jack’s bed?”
“Uh, no. His bed’s way up there.”
“Well, sometimes when you throw up, it goes up.”
Not that far, son.

Last night going to sleep (the first time), Blake didn’t want to snuggle up to me. A few minutes later, he got upset because his teddy bear was in the way and he couldn’t snuggle with me(???).
“I thought you didn’t want to snuggle.”
“Well, now I *do*.”
Then oh, so seriously, “People can change their minds, you know.”

B: So there are firstendary colors and secondary colors?

B: I know clouds are for rain, but what else are they for? Cotton balls?

We stopped at Wendy’s to eat, and I got a salad a baked potato. The tomato fell off Blake’s “chicken burger”, so I gave him my fork because he didn’t want to touch the tomato with his hands. As we were packing up his leftover sandwich to finish in the car (his lack of urgency wasn’t cooperating with my desire to find a bed), he handed me the plastic fork and said, “”We can’t take any equipment out of here.”

Blake fell asleep while Jack was in the shower one night, and the first thing he said the next morning was, “Did Jack take a shower for the whole night?”

B: Why do these peanuts taste funny?
Me: They’re cashews.
B: Oh! Well, they’re good.