2014 Word for the Year: Mindful #oneword



This is only second year to choose a word to focus on for the year. My word for 2013 was Freedom. Life is always a work in progress, but having come nearly full circle, I can say that I’ve come a long way toward my own freedom in so many areas of my life. I’m happy. 🙂

I’ve been thinking and praying about my 2014 word for weeks. I thought about love or kindness, not just toward others, but toward myself, as well.

I chose Mindful instead. That word encompasses so much.

I will be Mindful of the words I speak to myself. Negative self-talk is so damaging, and we tend to treat ourselves worse than anyone else would (or should!).

I will be Mindful of the way I speak to my children. Not just the words, but my tone of voice.

I will be Mindful of the way I speak to my friends and extended family. I have a tendency to be a smart alec, and while I never intend things in a hurtful way, some of the things I say can probably be construed that way.

I will be Mindful of making snap judgements about strangers. Whether it’s another shopper in a store or the subject of an internet article, I need to remember that I do not know their whole story, and kindness and/or keeping my mouth shut goes a long way.

I will be Mindful of how I represent Jesus to others. So many parts of the bible are in dispute, even among Christians. I choose to be a red-letter Christian. I’m going to go with what Jesus said and did over anything else written in the bible. And what he did was love people. Yes, he told the woman at the well to, “Go and sin no more,” but he didn’t beat her over the head with it, and he didn’t even tell her what the sin was. She already knew, and he knew she knew. Nothing was to be gained by nagging her about it. I may be the only bit of Jesus someone has in their day. I need to be aware of how I act toward others, Christian or not.

Have you chosen a word for 2014? Feel free to post the link to your post in the comments. On January 1, you can read the posts from other Schoolhouse Review Crew members.

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