Yet Another Blogging Challenge #NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo November 2013



Yes, I said I wasn’t going to do any more challenges for a while. Well, it’s been a while since June. *cough* What? It has. So, I pick a month in which I’ll be out of town for a week and I have a child’s birthday. Because I never have enough to do. And of course, I didn’t actually plan for this, so I have to go dig out my list of “things I’ll blog about when I get around to it”.

I haven’t done that yet, because I was busy planning for Halloween. Turns out, I am more creative than I thought, so I managed to put together costumes for my kids. Then last night, I had to sit and eat candy while watching ten episodes of Justice League on Netflix while the trick-or-treaters ignored my apartment. Today we had candy hangovers, which we remedied by eating more candy. Now I just need a long nap and some protein. Tomorrow I’ll start being productive.

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