Kid Quotes (11/20)

B asked why they didn’t allow camping. He’s *almost* there on the reading. 


Blake re mushrooms: I like them, but they don’t taste good.

This is B making “air quotes”. (Or being a puppy. Who knows?) He first said this to Jack, and J cracked up. Of course, I was driving and couldn’t see what he was doing. J corrected him, and when we stopped at a light, he wanted B to show me what he did. When he did, I asked him if I could record him. This was all done quickly as I was trying to get it done before the light changed. Rest assured that I was looking forward at the very end when you see the car moving. No amount of cuteness is worth wrecking the car (or the kids).

B: Bears eat meat and they eat honey.
Me: Okay.
B: Every day, they eat two slacks of meat and two slacks of honey.
Me: What are slacks?
B: Slacks are what they call their “food”. (Cue air quotes.)

B: Well, Jesus was a cute baby.
Me: Those are drawings, honey. We don’t have any pictures of Jesus.
J: He *was* a baby and all babies are cute.
They win again.