Changes, Maybe?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, back before mom blogs became huge, I bought a domain name, and decided that I would start reviewing products we used. I had no idea that there would come a day when bloggers could get stuff for free in exchange for reviewing it. I just wanted to review as a service to other moms. I never did around to actually writing any reviews, though, and I let the domain name go. Too bad, because it was a pretty fabulous name for a review blog. *sigh*

So now I’m considering reviewing more products. I reviewed a bathroom scale, but I was originally planning on putting that on my health blog. Then I realized I would use it for mailing books more than for weighing myself.

I was considering starting a new blog, but I checked recently, and my amazing blog name is being used and I can’t think of another one. Also? I’d have to start from scratch with my stats. Companies like to see numbers. I don’t really have the time or energy to build the following for another blog. Plus, I don’t really want to have a review-only blog, which is what that would be, since I blog about kid stuff here already.

So I’m wondering how many readers I’ll lose if I start reviewing products on this blog. They’ll all be products I’m actually interested in, which I hope will mean that they’ll interest my readers.

What I won’t be reviewing:

  • Makeup
  • Fat-burning supplements
  • Pet products
  • Beer/wine/alcohol (unless it’s gluten-free, then I may consider it, but I don’t really drink)
  • Baby products

What I would probably review:

  • Kids’ toys
  • Jewelry or accessories (not many because I’m not very girly and don’t usually wear this stuff, but something may catch my eye)
  • Books (of course)
  • Whatever other fun things I run across

What do you think? Do you read product reviews or will you skip those posts? Or should I just skip those posts? 😉