Game Night. Well, Not Really.

I’m so tired. This is going to be pretty short and boring. I was trying to finish packing today, but I came home at 7PM because Blake wanted me to play a game with him. The sweet little guy asked me yesterday why we never play any of the games. Well, for one thing, most of them were here and I wasn’t, but I told him that we couldn’t play until I could clean up the playroom, because there were toys and Legos everywhere. You could barely take a step.

So he spent a couple of hours last night cleaning up the playroom. Which basically consisted of piling all the Legos into one corner, but he worked hard on it and was very proud of himself. So when I left today to work on the apartment, he cried because he wanted to play a game. So, of course, I came home “early”.

First I needed to eat. I was so tired that when I put my soup on the stove, instead of putting it on low, I set it to high. Fortunately, we noticed before it exploded all over the kitchen. Much.

So I told Blake that I could only manage one game tonight. We played one game of Kerplunk. I don’t have a picture because I left my phone downstairs so I could give him all my attention.

I won, by the way. Yes, I’m excited I beat the five-year-old. Hey, he beats me at all the video games. I have to have something I can win.