Review: Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale

Yes, I know this has nothing to do with books (so you think), but just hear me out. First, it’s just space-agey-looking, and cool, and second, it can multi-task. (Because my kids are the only thing around here allowed to do only one thing. They’re strictly here to entertain me.) Not only can you weigh yourself, but it goes up to 400 lbs, and my postal scale only goes to 10 lbs. So, now I have something to use when I’m mailing books! Have you ever tried to put a big box of books onto a little postal scale? Even if the weight is low enough to use it, the box is bigger than the scale, and blocks out all the light. A grown woman crawling around with a flashlight just to keep from standing in line at the post office is a sad, sad sight. Pretty sure that’s not what they intended when they sent it to me, but it works fabulously.

It’s skinny and fits anywhere, so you don’t have to keep stubbing your toe on that big bathroom scale that sits in the middle of your floor.

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