Day 1 of Birthday Week

Around here, we don’t just have birthDAYs. We celebrate for several days. This is Jack’s birthweek, and today another homeschool mom conveniently scheduled a field trip to pizza parlor. So we got to hang out with friends, make new friends, eat great pizza, and watch the staff “throw” pizza dough.

I would have a great video, but I’m a dork. Apparently, I hit the record button without realizing it, and when I actually tried to record the cool stuff, I actually turned the video OFF. Then turned it back on, when I was through “recording”. So I have a great 35-second video of the floor and no video at all of the dough-throwing. *sigh*

Tomorrow is the zoo, and I’ll try to actually have pictures of animals and stuff.

Here’s a picture of my “little” boy, though. I always knew he’d be as tall as me when he turned twelve. And…yep.

2013-11-04 09.50.46