Who Knew I Could Be A Creative Mom? #NaBloPoMo

We don’t do crafts in our house. Jeffrey has never been interested, even when he was in Mom’s Morning Out and when they did weekly crafts in Sunday School. He was probably seven before I realized he didn’t know how to use scissors, because it was never an issue. (Turns out it was part of his motor skills issues, but we didn’t know that then.) And frankly, I’ve been pretty happy with the no-craft thing, because I’m not very creative. I can’t write fiction, as much as I’d love to, because my brain just won’t work that way.

But I just realized a few days ago, that I can be creative sometimes. Jeffrey has always had store-bought Halloween costumes, until he got too big for them. Three years ago, Jeffrey decided at the last minute (after weeks of searching stores for something that fit) that he wanted to be a Ghostbuster. There was no time to order something online and at the time, there was nothing in stores. (We saw a Ghostbuster costume at the Halloween store the other day.)

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