The Bug Chronicles Part 1

After dealing with my water issues, I thought everything would be easy for the next few months, maybe even years. (One can hope.) Then I glanced at the peephole in my front door and saw this:



It looked like a cork stuck in my door. Before I touched it and smeared it, it was actually a nice little spiral. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed like dirt or something. I was really freaking out, and when I took some trash up to the dumpster, I stopped by the leasing office and showed the picture to the property manager. She was curious, too, and we set off with a screwdriver.

This is what we found:



Turns out it was wasp larvae. There were a lot of them in there. She dug several out and put them in a clear bottle to show the exterminator so we could find out what they were. Continue reading