I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. Sorta….

I was updating my stats page this morning and saw that it has been two years since I started keeping up with the numbers. Some things I didn’t start tracking In September, 2011, but picked up later. Just for fun (and so new bloggers can see how these things can grow slowly), I thought I’d post it here.

Some numbers go up and down, such as pageviews. Those depend on how often I post, and what sort of things I post. I switched from Statcounter to Google Analytics in October 2011, so the stats are a little different. The only reason I left that there, though is because of the 5,980 page views in one year. LOL I get at least 1,500/month now.

9/30/2011 9/30/2012 9/30/2013
GFC 105
Google+ 48 80
Networked Blogs 56 112 166
Facebook 255 2,700 3,633
Twitter 240 3,761 8,742
Page views last 30 days 1902 2,091 1,718
Page views since Aug 2010 5,980    
Page views since Aug 2011 27,745 46,923
Amazon reviewer rank 13,257 5,736 7,620
Alexa rank Int. 990,419; US 97,441 Int. 449,086; US 60,827 Int. 538,453; US 96,001