Water, Water Everywhere Part 1

Technically, this could be Part .5 and Part 1. You know, like a little prequel.

It has rained almost every day this summer. We have a pool for the first time ever, and we were only able to use it four or five times because the weather just won’t let up. Bennett wanted to go to the pool on his birthday. I checked the radar. Nothing there. Checked the forecast. Nothing until late in the afternoon. So around one o’clock, we step out the door, already sunscreened and ready to go — and it starts raining. Check the radar again. Nothing. It’s not storming, so we went to the pool anyway, and it stopped after a few minutes, but really? Poor Bennett still hasn’t had a birthday party this year because we planned to have it at the park and we couldn’t work it out on a day when it wasn’t raining. (The Atlanta area has already received more rain this year than we get in a average year.) Fortunately, so many other things have been going on that I think he’s forgotten about it.┬á Continue reading