Kid Quotes (7/13)

The kids are spending most of the summer with their dad, so I’m experiencing a shortage of blog material. 😉

This actually happened at a family reunion in April, but I had forgotten about it until a few days ago. It was a weekend-long gathering, so any desserts that survived one meal would be set out for the next one. At one point, we had two dishes of different brownies. Bennett said he wanted chocolate so I asked him which one he wanted.
“I want the mush one.”
“Uh…the mush one? This one?”
“No. The mush one.”
“Ah, that one?”
No! The mush one!”
At this point, my uncle is standing on the other side of the table, and he’s amused at my frustration.
“I don’t understand what you want!”
“The chocolate mush stuff people eat.”
*sigh* “Chocolate mousse?”
“There is no chocolate mousse. Do you want a brownie?”

One day, out of the blue, Bennett told me, “You’re a girl…woman…lady…mama.”
Um, okay. I’ve been called worse.

As I’ve mentioned several times, we have been watching a lot of Marvel movies. Recently, we watched Daredevil, then Elektra. In both movies, when Elektra (Jennifer Garner with very long hair) fights, she always has her hair down. It seems as if it would be safer and easier for her to put it up when she’s planning on a fight.
Me: I wonder why she fights with her hair down. Not only is it in her face, but her opponents could use it to grab her.
Jeffrey: Maybe she likes the way it looks when it swings around.
Me: *snort*