Kid Quotes (5/18)

Welcome to my not-as-regular-as-it-should-be post chronicling the brilliant, fun, and crazy things my kids say.

We’ve been using sandpaper letters (borrowed from a friend) with Bennett for quite a while to help him learn the difference between stuff like p and q, b and d, and a couple others that I can’t remember right now. I still have trouble understanding much of what he says (a cause of endless frustration for each of us), and for some reason, my brain seems to kick into neutral every time we get the letters out. We have the same exchange every single time:
B: I want to taste the letters.
Me: *sigh* You can’t taste the letters, silly. They don’t belong to us.
B: No! With my finger!
Me: Oh, trace! Sorry. Yes. You can do that.

I was cooking supper and Bennett was bringing me jelly beans, one at a time. He brought the last two from the bowl, and asked me which flavor I wanted.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“So I can have both of them?”
Sure, son. That’s exactly what I said. Continue reading