Seven Years Ago…Yesterday

*sigh* Yes, I managed to miss my Blogoversary, and wouldn’t even have noticed if the kids and I hadn’t been talking about rocks. We got  a “rocks” DVD from Blockbuster, and Jeffrey said he didn’t want to watch it because he doesn’t like geology. I told him it was only thirty minutes, and give it a shot. I reminded him that looking at rocks was how he got interested in dinosaurs – which are still a fascination. One he has passed on to his little brother.

I told him that I took him to a rock show when he was four, and that was where he first learned about fossils and dinosaurs. (Before that, he was all about animals and Pokemon.) “I even wrote about it.” Poor kid. His whole life has been chronicled on this blog. I pulled up the post, which was a little difficult because I hadn’t even titled that first post.  (I added a title this morning.) Yes, that was my very first post on this blog. (Not my first blog post, though. This was my second blog.) The date: May 13, 2006.

Most of you haven’t been here for seven years, but thanks for being here now!