A-Z Challenge: Kid Quotes




Kid Quotes

Every now and then, I post some of the fabulous things my kids say. Jeffrey is 11 and Bennett is 4.

B: Nobody cooks bones.
J: Old people did it back in the sixties.

Bennett was drawing on his whiteboard when he asked me, “Did I spell a vertical line?”

B: I’m never going to eat peanut butter on a spoon again. It hurts my mouth… Maybe when I’m five… Or eighteen… Or nine.

J: How does Emily Elizabeth clean up Clifford’s poop?

One day Bennett was playing with an app on my phone. When he asked me, “What letters are in milk?” I expected to have to help him out with a vowel. He hasn’t really learned vowel sounds yet. What I saw was this. Silly boy.

2013-01-07 15.26.09


While watching Tangled, Bennett asked me, “Will they have to wait until the movie starts again to get the pan back?”

B: These shorts will protect me.
Me: From what?
B: Tigers. And bears and stuff.

J: How does that song go? A tisket, a tasket, I’ve got a yellow teapot?

J: How painful do you think it would be to take a band-aid off your tongue?
B: Three painfuls.

Bennett still doesn’t talk clearly so we have some entertaining conversations (some frustrating ones, too, but we’ll talk about those another day). One day he asked, “Is Draclia evil?”

We were watching Percy Jackson, and when the hydra appeared, Bennett yelled, “It’s a hydrant!”

Speaking of Percy Jackson:
B: I didn’t like the beginning of Percy Jackson but I liked the very end. I didn’t like all the stuff in between.
Me: What exactly did you like?
B: The song. The credits.

And I’ll leave you with this thought for the day:
B: I’m scared of the dark, you know.
Me: You know the dark can’t hurt you, right?
B: Yes it does. It comes out and eats people.

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