Review and Giveaway: Nate Rocks the School by Karen Pokras Toz



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Nate Rocks Is At It Again . . .

According to Nathan Rockledge, fifth grade has plenty of perks. Oh sure, there’s more work and that know-it-all, Lisa Crane, is still around – but, there’s a lot to look forward to as well: a laser tag birthday party, baseball at recess, and even a cool Halloween dance. Of course, all of that means nothing without the biggest perk of all . . . the class trip to New York City in the spring. If Nathan’s class can raise enough money to go, that is.

Give Nathan paper and a pencil and watch as his imagination turns him into Nate Rocks, hero and fifth grade super star. With adventures abound, Nate saves the day time and again. But will Nate be able to save the fifth grade trip?

Join Nathan, his hilarious family, and his friends, as he rocks the school in another fun Nate Rocks adventure. Continue reading

Author Interview and Giveaway: T.S. Graham

As part of today’s book tour festivities, I’m sharing an interview with T.S. Graham, author of The Chronicles of Trellah. Please welcome T.S. to our little bloggy corner of the world.

If we looked under your bed, what would we find?
Psycho dust bunnies with fangs.

 How are you like and unlike your main character?
Sophina Murray is a composite of all five of my daughters, so I’d say she’s very unlike me! They say that each new generation is a little smarter and more sophisticated than the one that came before it. There is no better example of this than me and my girls! I’ll leave my wife out of that equation. You know, for safety reasons. 🙂 Continue reading

Book Blast and Giveaway: Starseed by Liz Gruder

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Author: Liz Gruder
ISBN: 978-1937178291
Publisher: WiDo Publishing
Published: February 2013


Kaila Guidry has always known she is different. When she meets Jordyn Stryker at school, she finds out just how different.

Jordyn was born and raised far from Earth, a starseed, one of six new students sent to Louisiana’s Bush High to learn human ways. But Jordyn didn’t count on meeting someone like Kaila.

When Kaila is pushed to her limit by high school bullying and cruelty, Jordyn awakens her to a new reality—and to love. But to prove herself, Kaila must look the other way as the real purposes of the starseeds unfold.

As the horrific plan behind the starseed visit to Earth moves inexorably forward, Kaila and Jordan, caught in an impossible love, must determine where their true loyalties lie. Continue reading

How Many People Actually See Your Facebook Posts? Probably Not As Many As You Think.

If you have a Fan Page, you’ve seen the lovely “25 people saw this post” links at the bottom of your posts. If you’re like me, that “25” isn’t very encouraging because your page has several thousand fans. I decided to conduct an experiment yesterday to see how many people actually see my posts. I have several Fan Pages, with varying numbers of fans and levels of activity.

I’m just going to put this in the order they appear on my Fb Home Page so I don’t get lost and forget one. I posted the same thing on all of my pages yesterday afternoon. It’s been about 26 hours. None of the posts were promoted, either by paying Fb or by any other means.

There Is No Normal has 217 fans. I post there a few times a week. So according to Fb, more than half my fans saw this. Even taking into account that not everyone who saw the post would bother to click, that’s a huge discrepancy.

Normal Continue reading

So Many Books, So Little Time!

Aside from the ebooks I’m trying to get caught up reviewing, I have several paperbacks. Most of these are from Goodreads, but a couple are from authors and a couple are books I’ve won. One I’ve already read and just need to get the review written. Here’s what you have to look forward to over the next few months: photo (3) photo (4)