How Many People Actually See Your Facebook Posts? Probably Not As Many As You Think.

If you have a Fan Page, you’ve seen the lovely “25 people saw this post” links at the bottom of your posts. If you’re like me, that “25” isn’t very encouraging because your page has several thousand fans. I decided to conduct an experiment yesterday to see how many people actually see my posts. I have several Fan Pages, with varying numbers of fans and levels of activity.

I’m just going to put this in the order they appear on my Fb Home Page so I don’t get lost and forget one. I posted the same thing on all of my pages yesterday afternoon. It’s been about 26 hours. None of the posts were promoted, either by paying Fb or by any other means.

There Is No Normal has 217 fans. I post there a few times a week. So according to Fb, more than half my fans saw this. Even taking into account that not everyone who saw the post would bother to click, that’s a huge discrepancy.



Defeating Cancer Through Education has 94 fans and I post once or twice a month.  Pretty much the same thing: about half “saw” the post, but a fraction of that seem to have actually seen it.

Defeating Cancer


Living, Learning, and Loving Life has 3,542 fans and I post on there several times a week. With this page, rather than 50% “seeing” the post, it was less than 12%, with only 4% of those fans saying they read it. (Less than 1% of my total number of fans.)

Loving Life


Honor Your Health has 70 fans and I post there a few times a month. It seems that if you have a small fan base, about half of your fans “see” your post. Notice the correlating “like” numbers, though. This is pretty consistent through all the pages. I know not everyone “liked” the post for me, but really? That’s just a huge discrepancy.

Honor your health


My Other Book Blog has 1,326 fans and I post several times a month. Again, not even half “saw” it. This one was long so I had to put up two screen shots. Not sure why one is wider than the other. Gotta love technology.




So there you go. There is all kinds of advice floating around on how to get more views. Post pictures, ask questions, put links in a comment rather than the status… I do know that in my experience, Fb does not like RSS feeds and prefers manual posting. I removed my NetworkedBlogs feed (you can still read the blog through your NB app if you want – does anyone even still use that?) because my blog posts were getting less than 10 views. But apparently whatever you do, you’re still not snagging as many eyes as Facebook wants you to think you are.

As Donna mentioned above, one of the posts came through on her ADD Ticker (up on the top right), but not in her newsfeed. I have my ticker turned off because it drives me crazy. Not only does it move too fast, but it tells me about things I don’t care about. I can’t imagine I’m the only one. So I suspect that Facebook’s numbers are coming from users who have Fb open in their browser, whether they’re on Fb or another page or tab, or if they have their ticker open or closed.

For page owners, all I can say is find ways to engage your audience. The more engagement you get, the more fans who will see your page. Rinse and repeat.

For fans who actually want to see the pages to which you’ve subscribed, you have a few choices:

  1. You can click Notifications on each page that you follow that you really don’t want to miss out on. I have not done this for any pages myself. I’m pretty active on Fb and I already get enough notifications.
  2. Make Interest Lists. Then instead of just going to your Pages Feed and seeing posts from every page you like, and being overwhelmed, you can just see posts from one group of pages at a time. Making interest lists also helps others find those cool pages you enjoy.
  3. Interact with the pages you like. No, I don’t mean “like”, I mean like. This is what I do for the pages I follow. If you enjoy what a page posts, please help the page owner out by commenting when appropriate, or at least “liking” the post. (Be aware that because of Facebook’s moodiness, you may or may not know when a follow-up comment is made, so don’t assume the page owner is ignoring you.)
  4. I’m probably going to make a few bloggers angry with this one because some want higher stats to be eligible to work with certain programs. But most of us prefer engaged fans who actually want updates on our blog posts (I know this because I’ve talked to other bloggers and page owners), so if you don’t want to see what a page is posting, then please just “unlike” the page. I know even the PR-friendly bloggers will agree with this part: We would prefer you unlike the page rather than mark our posts as spam or hide them. Mostly because it’s apparently very easy when hiding a post to accidentally mark it as spam and that can cause big problems for the page owner. Just unliking the page helps keep the page owner out of Facebook jail and frees up your Newsfeed for pages you actually want to see.

Are you surprised at the results of my experiment? How are you engaging your fans? Fans, what do you prefer to see from the pages you follow?