Declutter Check-In #1

Wednesday night: I’ve gotten rid of one box and found a box of wall clocks and framed pictures that never got unpacked when we moved in May 2004. The clocks need new batteries, but I nine years is a little much to expect from a poor little AA battery. And I have to look up how to clean this stuff up:
2013-03-27 16.55.52


Friday morning: So, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, I got rid of seven boxes. Not the stuff in them, just the boxes. I unpacked, put away, threw away, or put in the donation box. Thursday evening, I listed almost 100 books on Paperbackswap. I had about 50 that I couldn’t list because they were Book Club Editions and don’t have ISBNs. I’ve already had requests for four of the books and I’ll wait until Monday and mail the whole weekend’s requests at one time. I’m giving away three books this week, and will use more in future giveaways. (There are two coming up on April 1, with more forthcoming soon.)

It’s very tempting to just start opening boxes, but I started in one corner and I’m working my way through the room. Some things are going back into a “catch-all” box because I don’t have furniture or empty plastic bins to keep my keepsakes in. Like the dolls that a family friend and my grandma made for me when I was little.

The books that I have saved from my childhood to give to my children are finally resting in my children’s bookshelves.

It doesn’t look like much, but here is my current progress. There won’t be another post for a couple days because I have to work today and part of tomorrow so not much cleaning will get done.

Not a lot of progress, but not too bad for just a few hours

Not a lot of progress, but not too bad for just a few hours


If you don’t want to take your chances with the giveaways, you can take your pick from Paperbackswap. If you’re not already a member, please use me as a referral. My username is chefamanda. I don’t get any money, but after you list ten books, I get a free credit. If you’re already a member, feel free to take some of these books off my hands. 🙂 (You can send me a friend request there to request books specifically from my list.)