Anyone Up For a Declutter Challenge?

I know I am. Okay, it’s not so much that I’m up for a challenge as I have to get rid of a bunch of stuff to restore my sanity. For the first time in a long time, all my belongings are in one place. Unfortunately, that place is a 1,000-ish square foot apartment and I have 800-ish square feet of boxes. I’ve managed to cram most of them into what is supposed to be my bedroom. Which is why I’m sleeping in the living room. With the remainder of the boxes.

One corner of what's supposed to be my bedroom

One corner of what’s supposed to be my bedroom

The good news is that about 1/4 of this stuff can be thrown away if I can just find time to go through it. At least another 1/4 can be donated or sold to get it out of here. Why do I still have all of it if I know I don’t need or want it? The usual reasons. For several years,  I had small children and that made it difficult to go through stuff or ever find time to get rid of anything. Then I moved more times than I care to think about over the course of 16 months. At no point in the last 16 months has all my stuff been with me, nor have I really had the opportunity to sit down and go through boxes.

One corner of the bedroom. (Of course I have bookshelves up. That's the important part.)

One corner of the bedroom. (Of course I have bookshelves up. That’s the important part.)

There are papers that I no longer need, books that I will never have the time to read (and having too many just stresses me out because I keep thinking that since they are there, I must read them) and more office supplies than Office Depot. (Okay, as a homeschool mom, I probably won’t really get rid of the office supplies. They do need to be organized, though.)

Living/dining room pile from the dining side

Living/dining room pile from the dining side

Not only is it frustrating not being able to find anything or, you know, not having furniture because there is no room for it (the boys do have a bed and we have a dining table and chairs), but it’s making me claustrophobic and crazy. There are a hundred things I need to do, but I have to take the next few days and do nothing but unpack and sort.

The living/dining room pile from the living room side

The living/dining room pile from the living room side

I won’t be getting rid of any review books that I haven’t read yet, but I have a hundred or so that that aren’t review books. I may give some away here, but they’ll all be listed on* until I get around to doing something else with them.

Soooo, who wants to join me? I know you have junk to get rid of, too.

*This is my affiliate link. I do not receive any money from PBS, but if you sign up using this link, I will get one book credit when you list ten books.

**No doors are blocked, and most of the living/dining space is open. The boys’ bedroom is also free of junk. Just in case anyone is worried about the kids or fire safety.**