Survey Results Part 4: What Do You Think of This Blog?

This is part 4 of my Reader Survey results. And it only took 2 months! I suppose I should just be happy I got it done sometime in 2012.

Do you ever write book reviews (either for a blog or on a site like Amazon or Goodreads)?

I regularly post reviews on sites like Amazon or Goodreads 12 36%
I have a book review blog 11 33%
I post reviews sometimes on sites like Amazon or Goodreads 10 30%
I’ve never written a book review 9 27%
Other 2 6%

“Other” responses:
“I’ve posted the occasional review on my own blog but it’s not a book blog”
“brief reviews on my newsletter”

What are your favorite kinds of blog posts?

Reviews 23 68%
Giveaways 23 68%
Non-book posts (Celebrating Womanhood, 7 Things I Learned While Moving etc) 13 38%
Author Interviews 12 35%
Book-related posts (How to Start Reviewing Books, How to Find Free Books to Review, etc) 11 32%
Recipes 11 32%
Excerpts 8 24%
Kid quotes/stories 8 24%
Memes (BlogFlash, Know Me Better, PhotoADay, FlashFiveFriday, SundayShorts, etc) 7 21%
The silly book/reading quizzes I post 5 15%
Book Trailers 3 9%
Cover Reveals 2 6%
Other 0 0%

So reviews are as popular as giveaways? I would never have guessed. I think someone was just being nice. Or maybe a few someones. LOL I’m amazed that the kid quotes and stories aren’t higher on the list, because I’m pretty sure the kids are a bigger draw than I am. I can certainly come up with plenty of interviews and excerpts, but you’ll have to wait for the “regular” posts until inspiration strikes. I’ll keep the book trailers and cover reveals to a minimum for you.

Is there a specific type of post that you would like to see here, or see more of?

“Looks good so far!”

“I love book reviews, as it’s so hard to find good books sometimes–I never know if I can believe all of the reviews on sites like Amazon, etc. As above, I also like real life stories and anecdotes, observations about not only books, authors, etc. but about the world in relation to them. Author interviews can be good for piquing my interest in new books if they’re in a genre I enjoy reading or if I already know/love the author.”

“Keep up the good work!”

“More Amazon GC giveaways”

“Recipes related to the books.”

“No, I like the way everything is already.”

“Nope – you have a great mix!”

“I enjoy the way you post and run your blog, nothing extra comes to mind.”

“good reading recommendations.”

“None that I can think of right now”

“More giveaways of books”

Thanks for all the kind words! I certainly can post all the giveaways you guys want. I’ve just been trying to get some other things (mainly email and reviews) caught up before I added more things to my schedule. Look for frequent giveaways soon! Recipes I can do. Recipes related to the books? I’ll work on that.

Do you subscribe to or follow this blog or did you land here by accident?

I follow or subscribe 26 76%
I followed a link someone else posted 5 15%
Other 2 6%
I arrived here from a search engine 1 3%
I have no idea who you are or how I got here 0 0%

“Other” responses:
“I would like to choose option # 4 – because the wording is hilarious! But, the truth is I follow/subscribe to your blog in various ways.”
“Follow you on Facebook”

I hope those of you who weren’t already following are doing so now. 🙂

For those who follow or subscribe, how do you follow this blog?

Facebook fan page 26 81%
Twitter 7 22%
RSS Reader 5 16%
NetworkedBlogs 3 9%
Linky Followers 2 6%
Other 2 6%
GFC (I have no idea if my old GFC subscribers are still getting my blog since the switch) 1 3%
Email 1 3%

“Other” responses:
“?? When I remember to go look at it? Don’t remember what resource I used to subscribe. Probably just a button on your blog somewhere.” (I follow a few blogs that way myself.)
“you know” (Ha! Not sure who this is, but this was funny.)

As for all the Facebook followers, I’m amazed you all made it here. According to Facebook, 26 people don’t even see most of my posts.

What is your preferred method of following blogs in general?

Facebook 24 75%
GFC 10 31%
Twitter 10 31%
Email 5 16%
NetworkedBlogs 4 13%
RSS 3 9%
Linky Followers 0 0%
Other 0 0%

If you follow this blog by email does it bother you that only the first few lines appear in the email and you have to click over to the blog to read the post?

No. I don’t mind clicking to finish reading the posts that interest me. 13 59%
Yes. I would prefer to have the entire post sent to my email. 5 23%
No. I prefer to have the shortened version. It makes it easier to skim and see if I’m interested in the day’s posts. 5 23%
Other 1 5%

I’ve been concerned about this because while I don’t want to overwhelm subscribers by sending a long blog post to your email, I also don’t want anyone to feel like I’m trying to trick you into clicking over to the blog. If 82% of you are okay with (or prefer) the shortened emails, I’ll continue with that.

Favorite meme?

Memes are those things you see floating around like “Wordless Wednesday” or “What’s in your mailbox?” I don’t usually participate, mainly because it ties me down to posting a certain thing on a specific day. I did “Know Me Better” with I Am a Reader, Not a Writer for a couple months, and I’ve participated in The Indie Exchange’s FlashFive memes. Other than that, I’m pretty much hopeless.

“Flash Five Friday”

“Sunday Summary
Musing Monday
Teaser Tuesday”

“I dislike most memes.”

“I do not regularly participate in memes. To be honest, they usually confuse me! I do sometimes participate in Six Word Saturday – but only if my mind is clear!!!”

“Wordless Wednesday
Inspire Me Monday (Create With Joy)”

“I like anything humorous and/or something that helps me know my blog author better. Part of what I love about blogs is how personal they feel vs. a non-interactive publishing format.”

“Teaser Tuesday!”

“Waiting on Wednesday and the Swoonworthy Thursday (or whatever day)”

“Menu Plan Monday
I used to do my own meme, French Friday, but haven’t in quite awhile.”

“Swoon Thursday”

How often do you visit this blog?

A few times a month 17 50%
Several times a week 10 29%
Other 4 12%
Daily 2 6%
This my first visit 1 3%
A few times a year 0 0%

A few times a week or month are more than I can ask for seeing as how I only post a few times a week (at best). So thank you all for stopping by!

That’s all for today! The next (and last) post will have more questions specific to this blog. Had I added them here, you would get bored and click me off long before you finished reading. 😉